Commercial Electronics

Commercial Electronics

In the wake of rising demands by enterprises for high-performance and high-stability electronic devices, commercial storage has become one of the key trends for future storage products. From traditional commercial display devices and thin clients to today's smart walkie-talkies, large conference centers, and other various commercial electronic devices, storage is ubiquitous.
As frequencies, capacities, processes, and protocols are continuously updated, commercial electronics have various storage requirements in terms of efficiency, stability, and durability.
Boasting years of experience in consumer products, formidable R&D, and a strong quality management system, Longsys has made a name for itself in the commercial storage market. Its storage products have been sold to many well-known companies around the globe.


  • High reliability and stability

    High reliability and stability

    In addition to reliability verification higher than the industry standard, Longsys products have undergone in-house test items of its R&D team to resolve possible product issues in the R&D and verification phases.

  • Long-term outstanding resources, ensuring goods supply

    Long-term outstanding resources, ensuring goods supply

    Longsys owns a mature supply chain system and is always able to obtain outstanding resources. This allows Longsys to control product quality from the source and offer a continuous and stable supply of goods that reduces risks for customers.

  • Flexible customization and localization services

    Flexible customization and localization services

    Longsys provides technical support and localization services in the whole process from product import to mass production tracking to meet customers' multiple product categories, long goods supply period, and customization requirements. Longsys also provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.


  • Thin clients

    Thin clients

  • Commercial display device

    Commercial display device

  • Smart printer

    Smart printer

  • Smart walkie-talky

    Smart walkie-talky

  • Large conference center

    Large conference center



  • Billboard


  • Game systems (PC)

    Game systems (PC)

  • Smart guiding

    Smart guiding

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