Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park

Scene display

  • Office area
  • Lexar's Quality Lab
  • Test center
  • Innovation Laboratory
  • Employee living area

Focusing on technology development and product quality improvement
Located in the center of the park and a total of 11 floors
Routine office area for employees and technical R&D center of Longsys

The quality labs connect users to experimenters digitally to enable them to communicate about product testings in virtual reality.
The lab covers dozens of application platforms of high-end cameras, drones, and industry monitoring and is equipped with over 1000 devices, the latest 5G signal technology, and 360° panoramic cameras.
With VR glasses, users can remotely view the panoramic lab to understand test status in real time.

Efficient and low-cost automated testing system developed by Longsys
Support for functional testing of a dozen or more storage products and testing capabilities at a scale of tens of millions

The storage chip technology engineering laboratory (Innovation Laboratory) is an essential quality assurance technology service platform
for Longsys which integrates R&D and design,
failure analysis, engineering verification and joint development.

Apartments, restaurants, and sports centers,
meeting basic requirements of engineers and building a comfortable working and living environment for employees