In-vehicle Applications

In-vehicle Applications

With rapid development of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and automated driving, the automotive industry has increasing demands for storage products. In-vehicle storage will become both an important new growth point for storage chips and an active force that determines the market paradigm.
However, automotive electronics require high reliability, which determines the development of in-vehicle storage products. The technical difficulties of in-vehicle storage in terms of quality and performance are far beyond those of consumer-grade products. Stricter automotive standards, longer test periods, and slower return of investment are challenges for any player wishing to enter the automotive storage field.
In 2018, Longsys entered the in-vehicle storage field and provided high-quality design, resources, testing, and verification to ensure reliable and stable running of in-vehicle storage products in harsh conditions, such as high and low temperature fluctuations, physical shocks and vibrations, and complex electromagnetic environments.


  • Outstanding product quality

    Outstanding product quality

    Longsys selects the finest international resources and performs high/low temperature tests, reliability tests, and other tests based on multiple in-house production and testing technologies to ensure the yield rate and excellent quality. The automotive eMMC is AEC-Q100 qualified.

  • Professional design, ensuring stability and reliability

    Professional design, ensuring stability and reliability

    Longsys designs product hardware to ensure continuous and stable operation in harsh environments. It also adopts high-stability in-house firmware to reduce data errors or loss and ensure superior data throughput.

  • Flexible customization and localization services

    Flexible customization and localization services

    Longsys provides technical support and localization services throughout the whole process, from product import to mass production tracking, to meet customers' multiple product categories, long goods supply period, and customization requirements. Longsys also provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.


  • Dash cam

    Dash cam

  • Car multimedia entertainment

    Car multimedia entertainment

  • In-vehicle DVR

    In-vehicle DVR

  • Streaming rear-view mirror

    Streaming rear-view mirror

  • T-Box


  • ADAS


  • Panoramic camera

    Panoramic camera

  • Central control navigation

    Central control navigation

  • car/bus/truck/commercial vehicle EVCI

    car/bus/truck/commercial vehicle EVCI

  • Smart driving system

    Smart driving system

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