Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home is the embodiment of the Internet of things (IoT) under the influence of the Internet. It connects various household appliances together through the IoT. Consumers will gradually develop a habit of using such appliances when additional Smart Home applications continue to emerge. The Smart Home market has both great consumption potential and a promising outlook. In the past, a majority of such appliances were controlled by single-chip microcomputers. With new functions and performance improvements, embedded hardware is embracing the era of "high performance, small size," and embedded storage is no exception.
Longsys uses unique storage technologies and processes and advanced packaging design to ensure stable performance, gain additional space for PCB design, and provide industry customers with more appropriate storage solutions for Smart Home appliances.


  • Stable and reliable quality, strong compatibility

    Stable and reliable quality, strong compatibility

    All products comply with JEDEC standards and have passed RoHS certification and AVL verification involving 100 main control models from 25 main platforms. The products have excellent performance and are highly compatible with platforms.

  • Stable delivery volume and 24/7 local service

    Stable delivery volume and 24/7 local service

    Longsys products have been shipped to more than 200 customers, and Longsys provides quality 24/7 pre-sales and after-sales services for customers in and outside China.

  • Long service life and durable data

    Long service life and durable data

    The data retention period is 20 years, with 100,000 program/erase cycles.


  • Smart speaker

    Smart speaker

  • Smart TV

    Smart TV

  • Screen projector

    Screen projector

  • Smart robot vacuum

    Smart robot vacuum

  • TV box

    TV box

  • Video doorbell

    Video doorbell

  • Smart door lock

    Smart door lock

  • Smart electric appliance

    Smart electric appliance

  • Smart meter

    Smart meter

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