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Established in 1999, Longsys (stock code:301308.SZ) is engaged in the R&D, design, and sales of Flash memory and dynamic random access memory (DRAM). With its primary focus being on storage products and applications, the company has formed core competitiveness, such as firmware algorithm development, memory chip design, memory chip testing, packaging design and manufacturing. It provides consumer, industrial, and automotive storage products along with software and hardware application solutions for industrial storage.
Longsys has formed four product lines: embedded storage, solid-state drive (SSD), mobile storage, and memory module, and also owns the industrial storage brand FORESEE and international high-end consumer storage brand Lexar. Longsys storage products are widely used in smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, communication devices, wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT), security monitoring, industrial control, automotive electronics, and personal mobile storage.

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Zhongshan Base

Dedicated to builing a community for storage community

Longsys Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park is built by Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd.

It integrates product R&D, testing, cultural displays, and a living space for employees, this park is devoted to data center storage products.

It located near the exit of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, covering an area of approximately 75 acres.

The phase I opened in 2019 and the phase II will be operational in 2024.

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