Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is vital for maintaining public safety in this ever-changing digital age, while continuous, stable, and efficient data storage acts as a strong support for security monitoring. To manage the diversified needs of individuals and enterprises for security monitoring, storage products are enhancing their technology, quality, performance, and capacity to become more closely integrated with security monitoring.
In contrast to traditional files, video data is written and read in streaming media. Consequently, storage products must possess sufficient capacity, be able to maintain stable operations for sustained periods of time, and be free from vulnerabilities in order to alleviate emergencies and ensure the safety of important projects.
Based on its rigorous quality management system and strong R&D capabilities, Longsys has released storage products in various categories and packaging specifications for the security monitoring field to ensure stable data recording and high performance.


  • Data read/write protection, ensuring data integrity

    Data read/write protection, ensuring data integrity

    Longsys possesses an over 500-member R&D team with industry-leading R&D capabilities. All Longsys products utilize in-house firmware and have undergone in-depth testing using in-house test cases and devices, ensuring data integrity under dense read/write operations.

  • High reliability and stability

    High reliability and stability

    All Longsys products have a long service life and offer a stable user experience. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of SSD products reaches 1,500,000, and the durability of industrial storage cards reaches 30,000 P/E.

  • Support for S.M.A.R.T, improving storage efficiency

    Support for S.M.A.R.T, improving storage efficiency

    Users can know the service life and health status of storage products at anytime and promptly adjust the operation status to prevent accidents or faults.


  • Home IPC

    Home IPC

  • Industrial IPC

    Industrial IPC

  • Industrial IPC

    Industrial IPC

  • Face recognition system

    Face recognition system

  • Anti-theft alarm

    Anti-theft alarm

  • Attendance machine

    Attendance machine

  • Smart safe box

    Smart safe box

  • DVR


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