The Strong Track Record of Longsys in Storage in the Past 20 Years

Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Longsys"), an enterprise founded in 1999, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

During the first decade after its founding, Longsys secured deep roots in Chinese market by focusing on R&D. It developed and produced a series of innovative storage products, laying a foundation for itself to improve storage technology and market status.

Based on this, Longsys got its business booming in the second 10 years, allowing it to step into the next 10 years with clear development direction: shifting from a technology-based product company to a technology-based brand company, and expanding international storage market with quality, high-performance, practical, innovative storage products and professional services.

We are witnessing a clear path of Longsys: founding FORESEE in 2011, purchasing Lexar in 2017, and establishing our automotive electronics division in 2018.

With two storage brands and four product lines, we are working to establish operations in industrial storage application and high-end consumer market;

We follow a service model of DMS, i.e. tailor-made professional design, mass production of modules, and innovative services, seeking to provide competitive storage solutions for global users;

We have applied for 327 patents for invention, and are seeking to spread our intellectual property worldwide, thus laying a solid foundation for our global development.

We have set up subsidiaries and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhongshan, Hong Kong, Taipei, San Jose, London, and Tokyo, with operations in 46 countries and regions.

Over the past 20 years, Longsys has moved up the ladder from the ground and grown from strength to strength amid the strong development momentum of the storage industry.


Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, engaged in MASK ROM business and opening the path of storage development.



Acquired the title of “Leading Enterprise in Independent Innovation Industry”



Customized the development of the world's first U disk control chip based on AG-AND flash memory



  Awarded “High-tech Enterprise” by Shenzhen Science and Technology Industry Bureau



R & D and production of SD card and MMC mobile flash card



Awarded the title of “Software Enterprise”

Awarded the title of "Software Enterprise" by Shenzhen Science and Technology Industry Bureau



Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded Longsys “Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise" qualification

Longsys implements employee stock ownership plan and transforms into employee stock ownership enterprise



The world's first U disk module UDP product, changing the U disk industry production and business model

Received the title of the first batch of “National High-tech Enterprises” in Shenzhen



Developed the world's smallest NBOX multimedia player

Released the world's first NFC payment memory card



Established FORESEE embedded storage brand and released eMMC and SSD storage products

Obtain Oracle's technology license, establish an Oracle ERP system suitable for the storage market, and promote Longsy's digital operation



Approved the title of "National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise"



English name changed from "Netcom" to "Longsys" to cope with the development of globalization



Approved for the qualification of "commercial code product production designated units"

Commercialization of DRAM technology, launch of LPDDR3 and eMCP embedded storage products



Received the title of Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

Obtained the “Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise” certificate

Choosing Ernst & Young as the auditor, Longsys conducts compliance management according to international standards



Acquired the world’s leading flash brand Lexar.

Won the China Patent Excellence Award and passed the intellectual property management system certification.

Construction of Storage Technology Park and the world’s first memory history database.



The world's first 1TB eUFS, 1TB Micro SD card product and 1TB PCIe BGA SSD lead the storage industry into the era of TB level capacity.

Longsys Electronics officially reorganized as "Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd."

Established the Automotive Electronics Division to further enhance the storage quality of products, to fully meet the standards of vehicle-level and industrial-grade products, and focus on eMMC, memory card and other product lines in the early stage.



The first phase of the construction of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park was completed and officially put into use on April 27.

The world's first memory history museum was built and officially opened in the park.

The day April 27, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Longsys, also a milestone for its strong commitment to the storage field. Longsys will embrace the next two decades by developing better storage technology, aiming to shape a Chinese storage brand with global visibility that contributes to the Chinese storage ecosystem.