Security and Storage are Inseparable — Longsys exhibits at CPSE 2017

With the in-depth construction of smart city and the rise of IoT and AI, the amount of data generated by the security industry is continuing to show a rapid growth trend. Topics like how to meet the mass of data storage, how to store data safely and efficiently for a long time in a severe environment have become the focus of the industry.

From Oct. 29th to Nov. 1st, 2017, the 16th China International Public Security Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1200 domestic and foreign enterprises participated, such as HUAWEI, Hikvision, Dahua, Seagate and Toshiba. As the leading storage enterprise in China, Longsys showed it’s FORESEE® brand industrial storage products at Longsys booth(in hall 7 booth 7B23) such as Industrial SD and microSD, eMMC, eMCP and SLC NAND, for video surveillance, smart home, building intercom, intelligent transportation and other intelligent security applications.


(Longsys showed FORESEE® SSD, industrial memory cards and embedded storage products)

Longsys FORESEE® memory cards can be rewrite up to 5000 times and used under terrible condition of -40 ° C ~85 ° C (There is a wide temperature testing at Longsys booth, which allowed visitors to intuitive see the working condition of FORESEE® memory card after -40 ° C frozen). For the security industry, FORESEE® memory cards have also been functional optimization: add encryption technology to effectively ensure the data security as well as six times increase the write performance through pSLC technology. In addition, FORESEE® memory cards also have Smart functions that can alert the user to the health status of the cards and the percentage of cards’ remaining life, prompt when the user needs to change their memory cards and then send the information to their APP to effectively avoid data loss when the accident occurs.


(The wide temperature testing)


(APP interface of smart function)

For the security market applications, Longsys also exhibited some of their partners’ products at CPSE 2017, such as Hikvision car DVR and tachograph, Dahua IP camera, Streamax car DVR and so on. Longsys offers differentiated storage solutions for different products and applications. For example, the memory cards in the surveillance camera on traffic lights need to be updated regularly, but climb the lamp post to replace the cards costs a lot of money and manpower. Thus, Longsys provides FORESEE® memory cards online firmware upgrade, which can remotely control the memory cards update, effectively reduce the maintenance costs of the product. Besides, firmware optimizations are also carried out for data writing to improve the speed and stability of FORESEE® memory cards.


(Longsys storage products used in mainstream security products)

The showcase of the cooperative enterprises’ products is the embodiment of Longsys storage products in the security market, which confirms Longsys FORESEE® storage products have gained recognition by the market and security enterprises.