Porsche Design Launches New 1TB Notebook with Built-in FORESEE M.2 SSD P902

Porsche Design has just unveiled fanless 15.6-inch notebook – Ultra One. The product is equipped with Intel Core i5-8200Y Processor or Core i7-8500Y dual-core processor, with UHD Graphics 615 and the thermal design power (TDP) of only 5W. It will be launched to the market in late December.


In terms of storage capacity, it offers 8GB or 16GB memory options, and the SSD comes with two capacities of 512GB and 1TB. The SSD product is the M.2 SSD P902 from Longsys’ embedded storage brand FORESEE.



Product parameters:

Interface: PCIe Gen3 x2 

Flash: TLC

Capacity: 128GB-1TB

Working temperature: 0-70

Sequential read/write speed: Up to 1650MB/s / 1000MB/s

Random read/write speed: Up to 90K / 90K

This product can be applied to both laptops and tablets. Its smooth read/write benefits from Longsys’ rigorous quality control. The product firmware is also independently developed by Longsys technical team to provide customers with professional, real-time and sustained local services. The team can quickly locate and solve problems, and ensure product quality in terms of shipment and after-sales service.


At the same time, FORESEE M.2 2280 SSD P902 uses the error correction technology based on SSD master control LDPC. By calculating and predicting the effectiveness of the re-read table, it is optimized based on the independent firmware, quickly diagnosing the error correction time and improving the user experience of Ultra One notebooks.

In order that users know the health status of SSD at any time, FORESEE M.2 2280 SSD P902 is also equipped with a dedicated SSD tool - Longsys Toolbox, which can view SMART information and perform firmware upgrade and secure erasure, so that the performance of SSD products can be measured by users and service is more transparent!

The launch of new notebook with Porsche Design goes to show the strength of FORESEE in the storage industry for 8 years, and also the reward for our commitment to research and development and quality.

FORESEE brand will continue to develop larger capacity storage products with higher performance, and foster cooperation with more international high-end brands in delivering Longsys products to more users worldwide.