Longsys Holds Product Conference at CES 2020 to Release New Products of Dual Brands

As the first science and technology exhibition every year, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) always attracts great attention. Global tech giants showcase their latest technologies and products at the platform. Longsys also chooses to hold product conference during this period.


Its consumer brand Lexar and industry brand FORESEE showcase a full range of storage products for consumers and corporate customers from all over the world in Las Vegas. Many new products will also debut at this CES. We look forward to sharing the research and development results with visitors, and pursue a better storage experience.


The year 2020 marks the 21st anniversary of Longsys, and a new step towards transition to technology brand company. The first phase of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park was put into use in 2019. Lexar Quality Lab which officially moved to Zhongshan covers dozens of application platforms such as high-end cameras, UAVs, and industrial surveillance, with more than 1,000 devices. It is equipped with the latest 5G signal technology and 360° panoramic camera. Users can view the panoramic lab through VR glasses in 2020, and learn about the test situation in real time. 


The park is equipped with high and low temperature test workshops and fully automatic packaging production lines. Quality management is implemented in an all-round fashion to improve product quality. 


Longsys Zhongshan test factory equipped with high-end test equipment can comprehensively test the product functions based on variables such as frequency, voltage, and temperature. The test temperature range is -70–150.

In the New Year, Longsys will continue to promote innovative research and development and quality management and launch more high-quality products on the international market. This truly achieves “sound storage and global quality” which is the theme of the Longsys product conference 2020.


The Longsys product conference 2020 is slated to be held at CES from January 7 to 10 at 29F Room No. 311, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. We invite global partners to experience consumer-grade and industry-end storage products. High-end storage brand Lexar memory cards, USB flash drives, SSDs, and card readers are put on display. Lexar’s 5G personal system storage targeted at the global markets except the United States will also be put on display at product conference.


Four product lines of the industry brand FORESEE (SSD Storage, Embedded Memory, Micro-storage, and Automotive storage) naturally will be missed. Each product line has its own featured products. Two new products ePOP3 and UMCP will also debut as a gesture of great sincerity.


In addition, mobile storage customization products share the spotlight. Over 10 products (memory cards, USB flash drives) are released. These are multi-platform compatible, and have multiple capacity options, and customizable features. Aren’t you excited?


This is the introduction to products at Longsys product conference 2020. As for the capacity and performance of each product, and product planning in the New Year, visit the conference on January 7-10 and have a look.