FORESEE New Micro-storage Product DDR3L Officially Mass-produced!

Today’s intelligent electronics terminal devices are moving fast towards a trend of more convenience, wearable device, and low-power consumption. Naturally, embedded stored products shall give full play to its strengths in the ever-changing IoT devices and home smart applications, and such. 

FORESEE micro-storage products are geared to micro-embedded storage products for the market. It serves customers worldwide with mature technology and flexible packaging, offers rapid response to market and customer needs, and focuses on providing high-quality, full-capacity solutions.

The two DDR3 products officially mass-produced conform to JEDEC standard. These have passed all-round high-quality test verification in terms of DDR function, performance, compatibility and reliability. The read/write rate meets the needs of 1866Mbps for mainstream applications, up to 2133Mbps, the highest level for the same category of products.




Package: FBGA 96

Operating temperature: 0°C-85°C

Capacity: 2Gbit / 4Gbit

Voltage: 1.35V

Rate: 1866Mbps/2133Mbps   


FORESEE production line adopts the cloud platform for real-time monitoring, tracking and tracing the production of each DDR. The quality of products is rigorously controlled to maintain high production yield, and to deliver good products that can stand the test of the market to customers.

 FORESEE micro-storage DDR3L products can be applied to a variety of smart electronic terminal equipment, including: IPC, law enforcement devices, drones, set-top boxes, AI speakers, GPON, POS and smart TV, covering a majority of the industry’s applications. It can be said to be a highly versatile product. Coupled with the company’s Flash solution, Longsys provides one-stop storage product solutions for application customers, bringing more convenient design services, better cost management and smoother supply chain.

At present, FORESEE micro-storage DDR3L products have been certified on the host of such platforms as HiSilicon, SANECHIPS, Rockchip, ALLWINNER, Amlogic, GOKE and NationalChip, providing chip-level support for different application scenarios.

Now, DDR3L products have been officially mass-produced. The development of DDR4 products is underway. Compared with DDR3L, it will provide improved performance with voltage reduction and double rate, providing customers with a continuously evolving product line and providing more long-lasting, stable, smooth, low-burning experience for terminal applications!

FORESEE micro-storage product line focuses on the development of micro-embedded storage products with multiple packaging, full capacity, and low power consumption. The strong local R&D and FAE support team serve customers 24/7, and respond quickly to customer and market needs while ensuring long-term stable supply. 

According to the customer’s terminal application, we flexibly adapt to different application occasions, gradually integrate into different work and life scenarios, and build a household reputation for high quality and high performance.