Data Centers


In the information era, data centers, as specific device networks for global collaboration, have gradually become an integral aspect of enterprises' competitiveness and a part of social infrastructure. With the wide application of data centers, a large amount of network data needs to be recorded. As a result, storage products are playing an increasingly important role in data centers.
Data centers have stricter requirements for storage products. In addition to basic features, such as capacity and performance, data centers are gradually paying more attention to the error correction, upgrading, and data protection capabilities of storage products.
As a technology-based brand which has been engaged in the storage industry for over 20 years, Longsys will comprehensively serve data centers and other emerging fields with premium products.


  • Outstanding product quality

    Outstanding product quality

    Longsys selects international outstanding resources and performs high/low temperature tests, reliability tests, and other tests based on multiple in-house production and testing technologies to ensure the yield rate and excellent quality.

  • In-house firmware, ensuring data stability

    In-house firmware, ensuring data stability

    All Longsys products utilize Longsys in-house firmware that provides rapid response, health assessment, power failure protection, and other functions, ensuring system smoothness and data stability.

  • Flexible customization and localization services

    Flexible customization and localization services

    Longsys provides technical support and localization services throughout the whole process from product import to mass production tracking in order to meet customers' multiple product categories, long goods supply period, and customization requirements. Longsys also provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.


  • Cloud terminal

    Cloud terminal

  • Server


  • Distributed storage

    Distributed storage

  • Edge computing

    Edge computing

  • Switch


  • Disk array

    Disk array

  • 5G NFV

    5G NFV

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