Longsys’ Mini SDP shown at Huawei Connect

Speaking of solid-state drives, most people think of a square box, the common 2.5inch SSD. Compared to traditional mechanical hard drives, it has great improvement in terms of weight, size, noise, read-write speed, and power consumption.


Since the emergence of the world’s first solid-state drive in 1989, SSD is still hugely popular in the market, which demonstrates its value. Judging from the development of SSD in the past 20 years, its capacity and performance are on the rise, but there is no substantial breakthrough except addition of new interfaces (SATA/mSATA/PCIe/M.2).

Longsys Mini SDP (SATA Disk in Package) ingeniously integrates the main control and flash memory into one, which is one-tenth the size of traditional SSD (33.4mm x 17.2mm x 1.23mm)!


Can you believe that it is a chunk, no, piece of SSD?

Longsys Mini SDP adopts the latest 3D TLC NAND Flash and SATA6Gbps interface, with capacities of 128GB/256GB/512GB, maximum sequential read-write speed of 560MB/s and 520MB/s, and maximum random read-write 90K.


The product incorporates dozens of patents, including 5 patents for invention, 11 design patents, and 13 utility models. It has obtained patents in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Brazil, mainland China, and Taiwan, and these are all valid.

But the advantage of Mini SDP is not limited to “mini” size. What Longsys does is to surpass your imagination!

1.It is shockproof and durable, protecting data security

In the existing SSD’s circuit modules, circuit components are generally soldered on the circuit board directly, and the connector and the outer casing are assembled, with circuit components directly exposed to the air. It easily gets damp and tainted with dust, compromising the performance of components. This causes the unstable function of SSD.

Longsys Mini SDP adopts packaged colloid structure, in which all electronic components soldered on the circuit board are packaged without gaps, offering better physical protection: dustproof, shockproof, moisture-resistant. It effectively protects data security, making SSD modules more stable and durable.

2.High performance, smooth data transmission, and low power consumption

Despite its small size, Longsys Mini SDP is versatile. Given that it has a standard SATA interface and 2.5-inch housing, it is compatible with all manner of desktops and laptops. It also becomes an external storage device through SATA to USB adapter. Its small size shall not be trifled with!

As can be seen from CrystalDiskInfo, Mini SDP supports NCQ, TRIM, and S.M.A.R.T like ordinary SSD.



Mini SDP is a good performer in CrystalDiskMark software, with a read speed of 560MB/s and a write speed of 520MB/s.



Moreover, SoC integrated package also greatly reduces Mini SDP’s power consumption, with a peak power consumption of only 2w, which is at least half of the traditional SSD, in addition to better heat dissipation performance.

Shorter production cycle reduces production cost

To produce SSD in the traditional method, the control integrated circuit grains and the memory integrated circuit grains are packaged into the control chip and memory chip, which are then soldered to the circuit board together with all components. It has a long production cycle, and high costs.

Longsys Mini SDP adopts SoC integrated package, integrating all components such as NAND Flash chip, main control chip, power chip, reset chip and crystal oscillator clock chip, which vastly simplifies the manufacturing process of SSD. It has an opening which has the same size as the interface structure of standard SATA. In this way, SSD storage module can be directly installed into the standard SATA storage interface through the opening, thus simplifying assembly process. Production time of Mini SDP’s finished product is shorter than traditional SSD by 14 days, helping customers to deliver quickly and slashing production costs.

Simple and fast installation, and better yield

The circuit modules of the traditional SSD must be assembled in factories due to technical requirements, resulting in inflexible production. However, if the assembly is made manually at the sales counter, the assembly quality cannot be guaranteed, compromising the production yield.

Thanks to the integrated package, assembly can be made by placing Longsys Mini SDP in the card slot and affixing it to a 2.5 inch SSD housing. This can also be made by non-professionals. Because of this, the assembly speed of Mini SDP is faster than general SSD by far. “Office is Factory” can be achieved easily, while the product quality can be effectively guaranteed.

At Huawei Connect held on September 18-20 and the Flash Summit on September 19, the technical staff performed the CKD operation on the Mini SDP, which is both surprising and curious for the visitors. We believe that Mini SDP is beyond the imagination of the industry due to its many advantages. Do you have a new understanding of SSD?