Longsys Total Quality Management System

Longsys provides precise and effective services for customers based on the quality culture consisting of the value, brand, quality, and regulation compliance factors. Longsys implements quality management from customer needs to product and service delivery. 

Based on scientific quality management theories and tools, statistical analysis of product quality data, and building a learning organization for continuous progress, Longsys has formed a comprehensive quality management system that is higher than the industry standard and has the characteristics of Longsys.

Three Features

Total quality management

Service Process
  • Requirement
  • Feasibility
  • Performance
  • Design
  • V&V
  • Purchasing
  • Manufactory
  • Logistic
  • Service

Product quality level

Three levels: flexible storage, standard storage, and high-end storage to meet different customer needs

Quality management system

Learning organization that continuously optimizes the quality system


Hardware Display

LS428H Test Equipment

LS709H Test Equipment

LS726H Test Equipment