USB Customized Services

Longsys produces USB Flash Drives with excellent user experience. Except providing customized production and packaging services, Longsys also developing and expending other application of USB Flash Drives such as Fingerprint encrypted USB, Wi-Fi U Disk and Mobile Phone U Disk for Smartphones and tablets.

  • Data encryption keeps your private data secure
  • Auto-run partition
  • Mass files preloading production
  • Write-protect(delete forbidden) function
  • Construction and Graphic Design
  • Shell mode design service
  • Auditing Service of APP submission
  • MFi certifiedservice

Cards Customized Services

Longsys memory cards provide individualized services for customers.

  • Data encryption keeps your private data secure
  • Mass files preloading production
  • Write-protect (delete forbidden) function
  • Graphic design
  • Customized packaging

SSD Customized Services

To meet your demands, we provides such services as follows.

  • Customized service for the Model Name
  • Customized service for shell,package, labels and stickers
  • Lock BOM chart for clients
  • Provide a quick technical support

Ps.  Specific OEM/ODM base on specific circumstances in different products, you can refer to Products SSD page for example.