Longsys FORESEE SSD / eMMC attract  great attention in IDF16

On April 13 and 14, the global technology summit,2016 Intel Developer Forum (Intel Developer Forum, the IDF) was hold in Shenzhen Sheraton Hotel. As Intel China close technology partner, longsys attended this grand meeting with the latest FORESEE SSD and eMMC products , showing the experts from all over the world and technology leaders longsys new storage solutions.

longsys FORESEE booth attracted many industrial customers and professional audience in IDF

As one of the domestic storage technology leading companies, longsys is committed to provide customers storage application service with innovative design, focusing on consumer, embedded, wireless storage application design and innovative technology products R & D and global sales.

Longsys presented below products in IDF2016:

FORESEE S400 series SSD: the world’s first dram-less 2D TLC SSD
FORESEE P800 series SSD: support NVMe 1.2 HMB function and same price with same capacity SATA SSD

FORESEE eMMC: ensure devices with FORESEE eMMC fluent web browser, application download, HD video playback, running large games.  And longsys FORESEE eMMC has been mass produced for more than four years with a variety of capacity options from 4GB to 128GB.

FORESEE eMCP: by applying high performance controller and stable of NAND flash, compacting EMMC and LPDDR integrally together, FORESEE eMCP realize large capacity solid state and variable storage in small volume, which is quite in integrated computer hard disk and memory together.

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